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Technology Friendly Analysis Platform
It provides time, space and cost advantages by moving your strategy creation processes to digital.
Fast, Easy, Reliable
It offers fast, easy and reliable solutions specific to your business for your complex analysis processes.
Our Products
Strategic Analysis Made Easy
PEST Analysis, Competition Analysis, Business Analysis, Financial Ratio Scenario Analysis, Portfolio Analysis
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STRATEJİ360: Starting Point of Growth

STRATEJİ360 is a technology platform that businesses and startups can use as a starting point for growth in strategy determination where they can make self-service analyzes and reporting.

Management and Strategy Consultancy Strategy 360 Analysis Platform

Our Products

PEST Analysis

It is an analysis by which you can evaluate the impact of possible changes in the political, economic, socio-demographic, and technological environmental conditions of your business.

Competitive Analysis

It is an analysis where you can evaluate the competitive conditions of the market in which your business operates.

Business Analysis

Business analysis is an analysis that includes an x-ray of the basic and support functions in the light of data obtained from the business, in order to find out where your business is in the development process.

Financial Ratio Scenario Analysis

It is an analysis where you can evaluate the general condition of your business in light of the data in the financial statements of your business.


Portfolio Analysis

It is an analysis where you can evaluate the status of your products or services in order to determine your strategies.

SWOT Analysis

It is an analysis where you can evaluate the situation of your business, its strengths, areas for development and the opportunities and threats it may face.

Strategic Priority Analysis

The analysis that enables you to determine your strategic priorities by evaluating the importance and urgency of the strategy recommendations presented to you based on the results of the conducted analyses.

Start-up Analysis Package

It is an analysis in which enterprises can evaluate their general and immediate environment and their current situation, and foresee the opportunities they may encounter in development and growth scenarios.


It encompasses a comprehensive digital toolset designed to effectively manage the strategic analyses of multiple ventures and businesses. Tailored corporate pages and customizable interfaces make it an ideal solution for consultants and organizations.




Evaluate your business holistically and determine more realistic strategies with the analyzes offered by STRATEJİ360.


With STRATEJİ360, you can carry out strategy development and reporting cost-effectively, regardless of time and place.


In the STRATEJİ360 database, information that you consider sensitive about your company is encrypted and stored safely and is never shared with third parties without your permission or request.


At STRATEJİ360, analyzes are specific to your company. With the data you enter, you can easily access the reports explicitly prepared for your business.

How to Use?


Sign Up

  • Click the "SIGN UP" button at the top of the page
  • Enter user information
  • Verify your email address by clicking the link to the email address
  • Log in to the system!

Choose Your Analysis

  • Go to the "PRICING" page in the menu
  • Choose the most appropriate analysis
  • Don't forget to take a look at the advantageous package options before you decide!

For SWOT analysis, you must have done PEST, competitive and business (or start-up) analyses!


  • Click the toolbox icon on the right of the menu
  • Go to the payment page by clicking the "MAKE PAYMENT" button
  • Select the billing type and enter the required information
  • Pay easily with a credit card
  • Start using immediately after payment!

Start Application

  • Click the "APPLICATION" button at the top of the page
  • Go to the "COMPANY INFORMATION" page in the menu
  • Enter company information
  • Go to the analyses you have purchased
  • Answer the questions
  • Save
  • Report

Don't forget to save the answers before reporting!

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