STRATEJİ360 Business Analysis


Business analysis is a tool that comprehensively evaluates the growth-oriented current situation of businesses and develops recommendations with the combination of STRATEJİ360's digital competence and Girişim Merkezi's methodology based on 25 years of experience. Girişim Merkezi's methodology incorporates scenario-based sets of questions for each activity of the business. These questions are processed by an algorithm to assess the business's situation and provide a detailed analysis.

Tailored question sets are offered based on the selected sector information, considering the diverse characteristics of enterprises operating in different sectors, such as their presence in various industries, export potential, assets, and capabilities. This approach enables a more effective assessment of internal and external influences, sector-specific dynamics, and competitive conditions. Depending on the business's field and industry, an analysis consisting of 62 to 72 questions aids in providing a robust and dynamic plan for the enterprise within competitive conditions.

This analysis, focusing on the assets and capabilities of enterprises, determines the competitive advantages by scrutinizing the business's resources, financial status, human resources, technological capabilities, and brand value. Similarly, identifying value-creating activities showcases the primary expertise and operations of the business. These analyses hold critical significance in identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the enterprise, its competitive advantages, and marketing strategies.

The business analysis not only summarizes the current state of the business but also presents growth potential and strategic recommendations. These recommendations guide the business towards achieving its goals by considering various growth scenarios in areas such as strategy, organizational structure, marketing, production, operations, human resources, financial management, and export management.

Business Analysis offers significant guidance for businesses to gain a stronger position in the competitive market and make strategic moves towards long-term growth. This allows businesses to comprehend their internal dynamics, make strategic decisions, and attain a competitive edge.

Following the analysis, a detailed report is provided to the business containing summary information about its current state alongside recommendations outlining growth scenarios guiding the business's development.