Portfolio Analysis

STRATEJİ360 Portfolio Analysis

Product Portfolio Analysis is a strategic tool used to evaluate and manage a company's existing range of products or services. This analysis plays a crucial role in assessing the performance of the products or services offered by a business while identifying opportunities for future growth and development.

Initially, product portfolio analysis thoroughly examines performance indicators of each product or service within the business such as sales, profit margins, and customer demand. This analysis highlights which products or services are most profitable for the company and which ones are underperforming, guiding the company on where to focus more resources.

Furthermore, product portfolio analysis evaluates the entry of new products or services into the market. Supported by market research, this process identifies which new products or services align best with the company's existing portfolio and which areas offer new opportunities. This aids the company in determining its future growth strategies.

Product portfolio analysis also plays a vital role in risk mitigation. A diversified product range enables positive impacts from the success of one product or service to offset the potential failure of others. Additionally, it enhances the company's adaptability to market changes and shifts in consumer preferences, thereby increasing the company's flexibility.

The strategic significance of product portfolio analysis is substantial. A comprehensive analysis equips the company with the ability to better respond to current and future market demands. It also offers the potential for the company to gain a competitive advantage, maintaining or achieving market leadership.

This analysis enables companies to make informed, data-driven decisions while managing their product or service portfolios. Its ability to foster innovation, sustain competitiveness, and determine long-term growth strategies is critical.

In STRATEJİ360, the Product Portfolio Analysis application is designed to facilitate a straightforward execution of the Product Portfolio Analysis. Instead of data input, it enables users to select from pre-existing options, simplifying the analysis process as much as possible. Comparing your product or service market shares (sales volumes) among the provided options and marking the estimated market growth rate are essential steps in the analysis process.

Through this analysis, you obtain a report detailing which category each of your products belongs to and strategic alternatives required for each category.