STRATEJİ360 Start-up Analysis Package


Various analyses conducted for startups serve as crucial guides in the process of strategic decision-making. The PEST analysis provides an overview of the external environment by considering political, economic, social, and technological factors, playing a critical role in understanding markets, regulations, and consumer behavior.

Competitive analysis evaluates competitors, identifying their strengths and weaknesses to aid startups in gaining a competitive edge. Business analysis assesses internal dynamics, determining a startup's assets, capabilities, and financial standing, helping them comprehend their position and the external environment better.

The SWOT analysis identifies a startup's internal strengths, weaknesses, external opportunities, and threats, assisting in reaching strategic goals by understanding their capabilities and external changes. These analyses enable startups to craft competitive strategies and make informed decisions. Integrating these analyses into strategic planning processes is a crucial step for startups in achieving long-term growth and sustainable success.

In STRATEJİ360, the Startup Analysis Package encompasses the PEST Analysis for assessing the general environment, Competitive Analysis for evaluating the immediate environment, and Startup Analysis for evaluating operations. The Startup Analysis within the package is an adapted version for startups based on the Business Analysis methodology developed by the Girişim Merkezi's 25 years of experience. In addition to the analyses conducted, the SWOT report is prepared for startups based on the information obtained from these analyses.

Startup analysis doesn't just summarize a business's current status; it also offers growth potential and strategic recommendations. These suggestions consider various growth scenarios in areas like strategy, organizational structure, marketing, production, operations, human resources, financial management, and export management to help a startup achieve its goals.

Accounting for the possibility of startups operating in different sectors, having export potential or not, and varying assets and capabilities, the questionnaire sets differ based on the chosen sector information at the data entry stage.

Post-analysis, startups receive a detailed report containing summary information about potential opportunities and threats in their general and immediate environments. Additionally, it includes recommendations guiding their growth within the current context.